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Queen Elizabeth II: farewell to a monarch

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It was a reign longer than any in the United Kingdom’s history. The death on September the 8th of Queen Elizabeth II drew the final line under a period on the throne that began as long ago as 1952.

She had been a constant in the background ever since, amid wars, economic gyrations, and multiple national crises. So it’s no surprise that the monarch’s death at 96 has inspired a period of profound reflection and expressions of a deep sense of loss.

Crowds turned out to watch as the late Queen’s coffin was driven from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to ceremonies in the Scottish capital Edinburgh. Still, larger crowds have been waiting for hours in London as the Queen has been lying in state ahead of her funeral on Monday.

The Royal Family has mounted a show of unity as it has marked the end of the long new Elizabethan era. That lengthy reign, however, has meant a 50-year apprenticeship for Charles III, who has become King at 73. Many of the events so far have celebrated his accession as well as marking the late Queen’s death. His challenge will be to retain the evident public goodwill that she built up over seven momentous decades.

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