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Testing Highs, Extending Rallies, Continuing Scams, Forking Out and 20 Crypto Jokes

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This past cryptoweek, huge differences were seen in banks’ Ethereum valuation as ETH was testing its all-time high, the metaverse tokens extended their rally after Facebook’s Meta move, and vague news from Ripple failed to propel the XRP price. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel claimed that rising BTC prices are proof that inflation has taken hold in the US economy, the SQUID token moved up again despite its prior massive collapse, and EOS dropped at the time when a new foundation is formed to ‘fork out’ Block.One. Google’s parent company Alphabet took another step into the world of crypto by joining a funding round for DCG, and Ethereum Name Service aims to launch the ENS governance token and to create a DAO.

Meanwhile, a group of China’s tech giants signed a pact that involves a commitment to “fighting” or “eliminating” cryptoassets. US financial institutions may be able to get exposure to ETH through a futures-backed ETF in Q1 2022, the Commonwealth Bank said that it will become Australia’s first mainstream financial provider to allow customers to buy, sell and hold cryptoassets, Singapore is determined to develop “strong regulation” to enforce compliance, and Taiwanese MPs are calling for a crypto ban, but the regulators prefer a progressive approach. As the crypto and stock market link came into question after the Fed had signaled tapering, a joint call from the US Treasury Department, the Fed, and financial regulators to get power over stablecoins and their issuers drew a mixed reaction from the crypto community, while a former New York City police captain was elected the city’s mayor, raising questions about whether he will keep his crypto-related promises. South Korean political parties are targeting millennials and zoomers with pro-crypto policies, and a man ‘tried to set himself on fire’ at Upbit’s customer center. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s economy could benefit from more than USD 1.5bn in revenue from legal mining operations in five years, but the country’s regulators moved to limit the amount of money retail investors can spend on crypto purchases on domestic exchanges.

Then, Warner Bros teamed up with Nifty to release digital collectibles tied to The Matrix Resurrections, while Quentin Tarantino has offered seven deleted scenes of Pulp Fiction in the form of NFTs. As NFTs are increasingly being used as collateral against loans, CryptoPunk 7557 was (possibly mistakenly) sold at more than 99% discount. Lastly, the long-expected Faketoshi trial has begun, while a trial in Germany revealed OneCoin Cryptoqueen’s USD 18.2m London penthouse.

And let’s laugh now.

Heey, CT! A sat for your thoughts.

Heey, CT kids! What are you up to?

Here’s another lesson for you teenagers among us:

Halloween’s over, now what?

Is this a joke on Ethereum or Cardano? Both?

WAGMI* (* – conditions apply)

Here’s a branding/marketing idea.

Hush, little trader, don’t say a word…

And this is how one goes from hodling bitcoin to buying shitcoin.

Going far.

‘Yeah. I see the fire. I set the fire…’

I totally understand why any of this as well as that is.

  … Yes…

Speaking of that picture of a rock…

A (pro)missed land.

‘Think! Think, godammit!’



Jesus holy Sat, this escalated quickly.

Here’s your weekend jam. Look at that CEO island boy dancing.


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